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Sluggishly, I drag my feet,
The yellow haze is above my head.
It's cascading down like lovely silk,
How can I say what's never been said?
I'm blinded by the horrid light,
It's engulfing me in its heat.
I've been kept in darkness, sealed in night,
Can truth and lies possibly meet?
The bridge has kept me prisoner,
Ever since that unspeakable day.
Insecurities are like the way one loves,
Easier to feel than to simply say.
My bodies tears are dripping from me,
The heat cannot be overcome.
But I'm so close, the bridge is near,
My head was pounding, a native drum.
To sprint across that ghostly bridge
Would fill me up with passion and flames.
But the water underneath, it's slowly rising,
My fear cannot be tamed.
I gaze across at the other side,
It looks so peaceful over there.
It's like I'd be drained of all the neglect,
And filled up with compassion and care.
If only I could take it back,
But the past is only what it can be.
There's no way anything can be undone,
I'm still blind, why can't I
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 0 0
Brick Wall
These mistakes are blinding,
Piling up behind the wall.
White and crimson, so high up,
Please don't let me fall.
I want to climb to the top,
So I can see the ghostly lake.
But my legs are burning with a numbing fire,
How much can I take?
Barefoot and drenched in sweat,
The top is miles above my pride.
I can't do this, I'm losing grip,
Please don't let me slide.
Maybe someone will see me,
Looking down from the top.
Maybe someone will get me,
Please don't let me stop.
My muscles are stretching like elastic,
Hopefully I won't just break.
I'm longer and higher and hopeful,
I see the pale blue lake.
My fingers are the brick's canvas,
Scratching and prodding as I climb.
But I'm almost there, I feel it,
I can't run out of time.
My mistakes are useless,
I've never been so high.
Maybe now that I'm here,
I won't have to cry.
All these tears will vanish,
Into the translucent lake.
Maybe now I'll be okay.
If only this is what it would take.
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 3 0
Bucket Of Broken Hope
She was drenched in sand and glitter,
With untied converse on her feet.
He was covered in oils and seaweed,
His skin bruised and beat.
She told herself she knew how,
To swallow without regret.
Her bellowing stomach sunk lower,
She's broken and torn with debt.
He wished he knew how to stop,
To wake up with a clear head.
To remember the people who smiled,
To remember what people had said.
"Are you alright, you look empty?"
"Are you okay, you look dazed?"
"Tell me, how could you do it?"
Is there a way out in this maze?
She was so blind and full of pain,
Which lead to blood and moans.
the mirror was the enemy,
It reflected skin and bones.
He promised to stay in control,
To keep his words perfect in his mouth.
It hurt to change his habits,
He's headed north going south.
They were a bucket of tears,
And a barrel of broken hope.
She knew she needed a shoulder,
He knew he needed to cope.
He saw her in the sand one night,
So crumbled and so small.
He wondered if it really hurt,
To try and stand
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 0 4
55. Waiting
I know I can wait for you
To come running back.
I tell myself to listen
The sun's sparkle,
Even though I know
I can't.
It's impossible –
What you do,
To kill me so deep inside.
I need to press harder,
I need to scream louder,
Please don't let me continue.
I have to feel the warmth
Of my blood oozing from my feet.
They're so bare, so hard
Against the ground.
It's your fault that my eyes
Are stinging like glass in a wrist.
With an ocean rolling
Down my cheeks, I know
I can't wait for
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 3 2
54. Tower by wackywriter101 54. Tower :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 2 3 Fall. New ID.. by wackywriter101 Fall. New ID.. :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 2 3
Everything is not what it looks like, trust me –
I would be the one to know.
You're the one that keeps me from standing on ice –
But I am still sinking deeper in the snow.
Is it that difficult for you to get, that I
Love it when you hold me tight?
I don't understand, either, what's going wrong-
But barely anything to me feels right.
Every word someone speaks seems so out of place.
Close your eyes and pretend I'm not here.
While I'm invisible, while I'm a ghost,
I'll shut out whoever is near.
It's not that I try to feel so lost,
But this maze – I'm trapped inside.
With my mask on, I'm a stranger to you.
What's a mask with nothing to hide?
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 4 5
53. Keeping a Secret
With my bare feet I run along the pavement.
My shadow is the only thing by my side.
I wonder if you my favorite song,
The one I listen to while I sprint.
The way it sings to me while
My heart beats.
The way it comforts me as
I'm screaming inside.
That's something that you'll never do,
You're nothing special.
I'm a stranger,
Please tell me you know who I am.
I know who you are...
even though all you did was
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 2 6
Eye. by wackywriter101 Eye. :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 13 5 52. Deep In Thought by wackywriter101 52. Deep In Thought :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 4 9 51. Sport by wackywriter101 51. Sport :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 0 2
50. Breaking The Rules
I'm so sick of you,
When will you grow up?
I can't believe I ever fell so hard.
You have to own everyone,
You have to win everyone over.
I guess your ego still needs some adjustments.
When your with her,
You're sweet and everything you should be.
Why do you turn into the jerk I hate?
I don't understand,
How could I have liked you so much?
Now you're nothing, you're disgusting.
I know it sounds harsh,
And I'll know I'll take it back.
I guess I'm already sorry.
Don't draw the line if you plan on crossing it.
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 3 0
I don't know?
It's not that I don't want to cry,
It's that I told myself I'm too strong.
Even though I know I'm weak,
Will you be ashamed?
I'm not jealous,
I don't need you. I never will.
You lied, you'll do it all over again,
Just until you know you heard the thunder.
When the wind knocks over the trees,
They hit the ground so hard
It makes my hands go numb.
They'll have no one to hold.
When the leaves change color,
I break down.
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 0 0
49. Stripes ... by wackywriter101 49. Stripes ... :iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 0 3
I promise it's okay.
Setting aside the fact that I'm lonely,
It's okay that you don't hold my hand.
I get it that all you see is her,
She's the ocean, I'm the sand.
When you look at her,
She's perfect, in every single way.
It's her smile, the way she laughs
that makes you want say…
"I kind of think I love you.
Aren't you in love with me?
You're as flawless as the ocean
And as gorgeous as the sea."
I promise, it's alright that you don't hold my hand.
When the waves crash, I hold them up.
It's my job to be the sand.
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 2 5
Game Over.
Why are you blind? It's not my fault you can't see.
I'll blame it on you, so open your eyes.
No one is ever going to play your games.
You cheat, it's all you do, for the attention of it.
Open up your grasp, a fist won't do anything but make the sky go dark.
Everything is pretend in your little world, but outside, it's just reality.
So we'll just make sure all eyes are on you,
When karma strikes; Everyone will see your mask.
Running into problems is helpless, you'll never walk into solutions.
Game over.
:iconwackywriter101:wackywriter101 1 2
:headbang: Hope you love it!


Random Favourites

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Sitting here alone as always,
Hoping that you will like me,
I stand here and stare,
But I finally get up enough courage to talk to you,
But it seems like you hate me,
Considering how you reacted when I started a conversation,
As soon as you said those five words you broke my heart,
And now it's torn in two,
Thanks to you,
I drive away as fast as I could,
To get away from the hurt,
To get away from you,
But that was a mistake,
As tears run down my face,
I can't see,
But the only thing is,
That it was my mistake to drink before I drove off,
But I needed to get away
Away from you!
What happened?
But I shouldn't blame anyone for my mistake
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Chocolate Bar
I want a chocolate bar.
I want the nicest chocolate bar.
But the nicest chocolate bar for me.
Not for anyone else.
I don't want one with the highest cocoa content.
I don't one that took a hundred years to form,
I want a chocolate bar that has been bought
For me
By someone special.
And they would want to buy it for me
No "I expect money back"
Cos they would give me chocolate out of the warmth
Of their own heart.
And this may make me sound greedy.
I'm asking for chocolate through a poem.
But I don't care.
I just want a nice chocolate bar.
The nicest one for ME.
:icongingerbreadhouse105:GingerBreadHouse105 1 2



Contest Judging begins now. (: CHECKITOUT

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 24, 2010, 9:34 AM
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Hi ! Sorry, I complete dA for like 3 weeks. I apologize.. but as a christmas present to you all, I'm gonna post the results on this journal for you!  Well - I actually don't have the winners yet, I need have my judges look at the submissions. Here we go, (:

This is PenguinRockMySocks and vampire-fang-girl
:thumb172200132: VS. The Bridge by vampire-fang-girl

This is Nordica93 and xXSakiSaki
Creature in the ForestIt is night in the forest,
And the clouds smother out the moonlight
And leave me in this empty darkness.
All around me, wild beasts are stirring
And scurrying through the undergrowth,
Loping between the trees or creeping
Beneath the bracken bushes.
I'm waiting, waiting for someone
Who may never arrive, listening
For a voice I may never again hear,
Hoping for arms that may never lift me.
Oh, thankless creature I am!
For a while you gave me hope
That others never obliged me.
You gave me reason for life
That I never thought possible.
You loved me when others saw
Their indifference as a blessing.
Oh, thankless creature that I am!
I forsook all my treasures
In favour of fool's gold.
I was blind to all of life's wonders,
In pursuit of smoke and mirrors.
I cast out all I had become
For what I never shall be.
It is night in the forest,
And I am a wounded animal,
Left for dead by the hunt,
Easy pickings for the haggard wolf
And the starving crows.
Surely you will not leave me here?
Surely I wil
VS. courageMy head is bent over the toilet,
the seat raised and my hair tied back.
I start to feed my finger down my throat,
to get rid of all my doubt.
I want to be thin.
I want to be beautiful.
I know this isn't the way to go,
but my finger is already almost there.
A whisper of silky doubt forms in my mind,
which stops me.
If I wanted to be loved,
you would do it without me having to change.
The words of my family wouldn't hurt as much if they were playful.
It torments me.
The laughs of my friends wouldn't make me cry myself to sleep,
if I knew that they had insecurities too.
A tear makes its way down my cheek,
the toilet water quivering as it fell.
I wish for love at that very moment,
wish for accepting and compliance.
'I'm me, don't make me change',
I wish I had the courage to scream.
I wished for courage,
the courage to accept the girl staring back at me in the mirror.

This is kelloxjello and jazworrell
2. Love by kelloxjello VS. :thumb189085317:

This is sexywhales and kateeXD
Lolita- colored by sexywhales VS. 29. Happiness by kateeXD

This is CDrice and axellovescookie
Dancing Faerie by CDrice VS.

This is SaffyLailo and anniecheng09
Jessica Monk by SaffyLailo VS. Cold HandsHe was holding my hand.
I could still remember the first time he had done so. That time, I could tell by his trembling fingers that he was nervous. I could tell by his cold, clammy hands -- that he was afraid, and perhaps cautious.
But not anymore.
I could not tell anymore.
As he was holding on to my hand, this minute, this second, I could no longer sense what he was feeling. His hands no longer shook, and was no longer wrapped in a welcoming layer of warm sweat. Or rather, this was not even holding hands at all, unless placing his palm against mine counts.
"Okay, what?" I gave in with a teary voice.
He and I both knew for some reason, that he wanted me to remember this moment as he slipped his fingers between mine, and squeezed my palm. The faint squeeze he gave felt like a heavy stab to my chest. He embraced me, and held me there, fingers still entwined.
It was dark and misty out in the neighborhood as it was night. The streets were quiet and lonesome -- not even the sound of leaves

This is namenotrequired and puddlesInTheRoad
7We belong together,
far, far away,
though I said I'd rather
be with you today.
Years I've longed to see you,
and finally we're together...
Now that I am next to you,
You're further away than ever.
VS. what have we done?graduation day, teacher asks,
            "class, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
comes the unanimous reply.
teacher remembers middle school,
            "class, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Okay, well, there you go. I'm going to let my two judges have a week to decide on all the contestants. Good luck everyone (:

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This is so beautiful. I've always loved eyes, and I have no idea why. But this eye is breathtaking. Perks: I adore how the iris color a...


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Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. :love:

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